Friday, May 12, 2017

Paying For It Is Easier

Without a word, Charley left the bed. She picked up her mobile and sent the text she had previously prepared. She didn't even glance at the man she left lying on it. She went to the bathroom, washed her hands and gargled with mouthwash. She attended to the places on her body that had come into real contact with the man. She cleaned her lips, tongue, mouth and hands for they were what she had used to finger fuck the big, black, male hooker's arse to a massive climax on her bed.
She had needed sex. She always did after an important meeting. Whilst she was one of the leading merger and acquisition specialists in the world and was continually in high-level negotiations, no meetings were more important than the one earlier today. That meeting had been her final interview for the position of Global Managing Director of the bank's Merger and Acquisitions. She had made it. The first female in such a position in any meaningful bank in the world. And Goddard's, Big G as it was known, was the most meaningful of all banks. It was amongst the top three in everything, turnover, assets, funds under management, capital, trading and M & A activity. There really was no significant corporate activity anywhere in the world that Big G did not somehow influence.
She had been aroused throughout the meeting. After it ended and she waited in another room, it was all she could do to restrain herself from going to the bathroom and masturbating. Her pert, B cup breasts felt full, her belly was on fire and her nipples were pounding. She knew they would harden as they always did, so she wore clothes that would hide that. She knew her panties would be wet, as they nearly always were in meetings, so she always carried spares in her briefcase. A real girl guide, she smiled.
She had arranged the male hooker through an agency she had been using for a year or so now on her frequent trips to New York. They were ultra-discrete, very efficient, totally non-judgemental and horrendously expensive; but then what's expensive when you are earning over a million, British pounds that is as well, a year as Charley was?
Charley had few close friends and since leaving London University with a first class honours degree in economics some twelve years ago, she had had few lovers, real lovers that is, as opposed to those she paid for. There just wasn't time for love, friendship, relationships and 'normal' sex; not when you average over twelve hours a day, six days a week, have offices in London, her base, and New York, the bank's head office and travel the world doing deals. She hardly met anyone other than people in the M & A business and she religiously avoided fraternising with them. She was determined that no extra-curricular activities would ever impede her rise to the top, which so far had seemed unstoppable and had been meteoric.
Charley, or using her full name Charlene Griffiths was slim, just on nine stones; about one hundred and thirty pounds. She was pretty rather than beautiful and dramatic as opposed to glamorous. She had black hair that to save time washing and drying she always wore very short. It was cut beautifully for the bank paid for a top stylist to be on call to come to their offices whenever he was required. Her face was thin and rather angular, a little like Meryl Streep. She had a pointed nose and thin lips which meant she would never be considered as being beautiful, but her large, brown, almond shaped eyes ensured people would consider her to be interesting. She was the sort of woman that men noticed and wanted, but realised would present a formidable challenge.
Her body was well toned. A combination of fortunate genetics, hours on the treadmill in the bank's executive gym listening to research papers that an aide converted from writing to voice and three miles fast running most mornings ensured that she carried absolutely no excess weight. Her legs were long and shapely and generally looked even slimmer than they really were for Charley almost always at work wore black holdups along with sexy underwear. As she was in meetings with lawyers, bankers and accountants, nearly all of whom were men, it gave her kick to know that was wearing a tiny thong or a gossamer thin, diaphanous bra.
Today had seen the fulfillment of that rise, she had reached the top. MD, Global Mergers and Acquisitions for Goddards: fucking brilliant she thought as she stared in the mirror in the bathroom. But it really was just the start, she knew that; it was one thing getting there; quite another staying there and making it work. She knew she would have to work harder and longer and that would leave even less time for a social life, but that did not concern her at all. She was completely content with her current life-style including buying sex, for which she now had contacts almost wherever she was in the world.
She had promised herself a real celebration if, no when, she got the job. In Charley's world celebration only meant one thing, wild, unusual, probably rough, paid for extreme sex. That's why a six feet three, nearly two hundred pounds, male black hooker had been lying on his front, naked on her bed in the Pierre hotel. That is why she had undressed to her holdups, oiled her shaved, pubic mound and small, pert heavily nippled breasts. It's why she joined him on the bed, why she had anal foreplay with him and it was why she had then finger fucked his arse until she made him cum.
It was also why she was about to return to the bedroom. Slipping into a white, silk robe, still wearing just her black holdups, she pulled the tie at the waist into a loose bow, slipped her feet into her high heels and opened the bathroom door................

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Paying For It Is Easier

Without a word, Charley left the bed. She picked up her mobile and sent the text she had previously prepared. She didn't even glance at...